On Safari in the Drakensberg

The Drakensberg Mountains, more commonly known by the Zulus as Ukhahlamba (the Barrier of Spears) provide visitors with scenery that words will hardly do justice to. To complement this haven, a plethora of game reserves have been established, which serve as a major tourist attraction. Group tours are conducted every day with the visitors eager to experience the rich heritage that our country possesses.

One park that seems to be the preferential choice is the Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park, which has been officially deemed a World Heritage Site for the marvellous Rock Art and picturesque flora that is endemic to the region. The official tourism website of KwaZulu-Natal comments further, “Combining sheer natural beauty with a wealth of biological diversity, this 243, 000 hectare mountainous region known as the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park has been preserved and venerated for eons since the San people (or Bushmen) roamed these slopes. Tens of thousands of paintings depicting their daily life can be found on the rock faces.”

The park is dedicated to the conservation of the endangered fauna and flora that are present in the area. The original inhabitants, the San, illustrated their history on rocks and caves that are in abundance. Consequently, this nature reserve has one of the highest concentrations of San rock art in the country; there are over 600 sites displaying their everyday life.

While on one of the safari tours, you will be educated by an expert tour guide about the different animals that call this area home; this serves to enrich your experience. Some of the animals that you can expect to see are: Eland, Rhebok and of course, the esteemed Big Five. The avid ornithologist will be taken aback by the 290 species of bird that can be found in the park.

This is a nature sanctuary where you can honestly get back to your roots and appreciate the beauty of the fauna and flora that exist on this planet. Once you have conquered the Drakensberg, take a Cape Town tour of Table Mountain, the Mother City’s flat-topped icon.


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